Bollywood hits Uley in Gloucestershire!

As soon as I heard that Sarah’s 21st birthday party was a Bollywood theme I knew I was going to get some great shots. I couldn’t believe how many friends and family were wearing Indian costume and fantastic costumes too. What a brilliant, fun party to photograph! Not only because Sarah chose the Indian theme as she’d had a gap year there but she also decided she was going to have a themed marquee too and wow was it something else! Absolutely amazing and all visualised by Sarah; everyone was knocked out by it. I overheard one of her friends saying to her that she knew this was going to be an amazing evening and that this party was the best 21st party she’d been to.

My aim from the time I arrived was to capture the Bollywood feel, what I hadn’t expected was so many people wanting their picture taken. I couldn’t avoid shooting groups for the first  first hour or so which was fine but I was itching to get candid shots too. My chance came later on in the marquee, I especially love the dance shots. Quite a challenge in very low light but my Canon coped fine.

Here’s just a few of the pictures. My thanks to Sarah’s Mum for booking me and great to hear that everyone is loving my pictures!









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