How much should Photographers know about SEO?

There are loads of articles and reference books on SEO but I’d rather take pictures any day. I’m a wedding photographer after all, not a web designer. Having said that I knew it was time to tweak my web site again but this time I wanted to go one step further and really optimise it and improve my rankings …but where to start? Rather than wade through loads of reference books on SEO I decided to ask an expert to review my site page by page and identify areas where optimisation could be improved. I contacted Andy Poulton because he knows his stuff and I knew he would go through my site with a fine tooth comb. Within a short space of time I had received a nineteen page detailed report highlighting all kinds of data stuff that needed tweaking. It included loads of useful tips and recommendations as well and it was written in plain English. My problem was going to be in implementing all this bearing in mind my lack of knowledge on web design.

I do have a guy who looks after my web site. I send him new text from time to time, new wedding pictures, new Outbound links (get the jargon) and these things magically appear on my site. The only control if that’s the word I have on my site is my Blog page. Thank you WordPress! Now my web guy who I’ll call Mike would be the first to admit that he is an HTML man which may make sense to you and apologies if not. Mike can drop stuff into my site no problem but as soon as I  mentioned adding meta data I could see the shutters closing. Admittedly it seemed a huge exercise but I wasn’t going to give up. Andy gave me a few more pointers and then I began to look at other web sites. Spending a couple of hours looking ‘behind’ web sites is not my idea of a great afternoon but boy was it useful. I could see patterns emerging I could also see that my site wasn’t the only one that needed a good old sort out, gradually the light was beginning to dawn.

Just a little while later, having had enough of these pesky meta tags an e mail came through from Mike. Bless his cotton socks he wasn’t giving up on this after all. He’d been doing some research and had e mailed with instructions on how we were going to crack this. So I have now written a Page Title, a Meta Decsription and Meta Keywords for each page of my web site. It may not be perfect , it may not be all the data I need but it’s consistent and hey it could make a difference with my Google rankings. (Please Google don’t change your algorithms again just yet)! Don’t expect when you click on to see any changes as this is all background data. I’ve got lots more tweaking to do yet on the copy and update the gallery and all that but getting some of this in place feels like a definite move forward.

Can’t write a blog without including a picture …Happy-bride-Minchinhampton- Common 

This is how I feel right now.

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