A (Pink) Hummer of a wedding!

Photographing Rebecca’s getting ready shots was great fun. Loved it when the two smaller bridesmaids & the two flower girls almost came to blows over their  shoes. I had put them all together for a picture with the Bride’s shoes and so no-one was sure whose shoes were whose. It got sorted in the end and despite everything happening at the last minute (so pretty normal really), Rebecca and her bridal party arrived at the church in time. And in a splendid pink hummer which took up about four parking spaces. Great fun!

Lovely vicar at Watermoor Parish Church, I wish they were all as flexible. As usual we didn’t use flash and because both Josie, my assistant and I had good positions in the church, we got some a great shots. The Hill in Stroud http://www.the-hill.co.uk/ was the reception venue, a perfect setting for Rebecca & Nick’s wedding. Glad the weather behaved itself. Please go to the couples’ on line album on my web site to see more pictures. Maggie Booth Photography

Rebecca & Nick

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